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Victor Charles de Büren (1707-1773)

Victor Charles de Büren was the second son of David de Büren (1661-1729) and Catherine de Wattenwyl (1676-1719). He would become Baron de Vaumarcus, Lord of Rolle, Grandson, and Provence. He was a member of the Bern Grand Council and would be Governor of Aarberg in 1754.

He was born at the Château d'Oron where he father was Governor. He would enter into the Service of France in Swiss Guards but his service would be short as he would return to Switzerland after the death of his father. He was made very well off when his father passed away, but he was an awful money manager and lived far beyond his means his entire life. He would sell his land and houses one after the other to accommodate his lifestyle even considering to sell Vaumarcus when his sons stepped in to stop him. His debts would be a considerable burden for generations to come.

Victor Charles de Büren (1707-1773)

His wife Catherine Fischer (1712-1787)

Victor Charles, his wife and children, most likely at Vaumarcus

In 1730 he would marry Catherine Fischer (1712-1787) daughter of Jerome Fischer and Anne Rosine de Diesbach.

From his wife he would have five sons:

1. Charles (1731-1787) ∞ Cornelie Jacobée van Assendelft
2. David (1734-1782) ∞ Susanne Dorothée Berseth
3. Louis (1735-1806) ∞ Marguerite de Sinner
4. Philippe (1738-1760)
5. Victor Jean (1741-1743)

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