Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jeanne Henriette de Büren 1861-1944

Jeanne was the first daughter of Henri de Büren (1825-1909) and Natalie de Freudenreich (1835-1900). Like her sister Henriette and brother Albert Gustave she was deaf from birth. While not much is know about her life, what still endures is her beautiful artwork. Like her father and many of her ancestors she had a great gift for art.

Jeanne Henriette de Büren (1861-1944)

Jeanne (far right) with her sisters, Amelie and Alice.

Château de Moilans (Savoie), 1876

Château de Miolans detail


Chalet detail

Lakeside, 1883

Lakeside detail

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  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful artwork of your ancestor. Very nice pencil sketches. I'm a quarter Swiss and I enjoy the bits of Bernese history on your site as well.

    Thanks for visiting my sketchpainting Blog as well!



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