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Albert de Büren 1644-1685

Albert was the fifth son of David de Büren (1614-1659) and Marguerite de Bonstetten (1619-1685). At 16 he began serving in a Swiss regiment for Louis XIV of France. He fought at numerous battles, namely Seneffe in 1674, and at the Siege of Maastricht where he received two significant wounds. At the battle of Mount Cassel in 1677 he received a musket round to the chest, he survived but would suffer for the rest of his days. After Mont Cassel he quit the service and returned to Switzerland. Louis XIV gave him a small pension for his suffering. In 1684 he became Governor of Payerne (VD), but he died only a year into his charge from the wounds he had suffered years earlier. He would be buried in the Church of Payerne.

Albert de Büren (1644-1685), painted in 1680

Begnine de Loys (1660-1772)

In 1678 he married Begnine de Loys (1660-1722), daughter of Jean Philippe de Loys, Lord of Villardin and Etiennette de Lavigny, Lady of Aubonne.

From his wife he had 2 children:

1. Philippe Albert (1679-1756) ∞ 1. Elisabeth de Diesbach 2. Marie de Chandieu
2. Anne Marguerite (1680-1744) ∞ François Louis de Gingins

Inside the church of Payerne. The monument to Albert can be seen on the left.

Monument detail.

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