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David de Büren 1614-1659

David was the second son of Jean de Büren (1567-1622) and Barbara de Wyttenbach (1585-1652). At 17 he entered in a Swiss regiment that was attached to Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, during which time he fought at numerous battles and sieges. The sudden death of his brother shortened his military carrier as he was the sole remaining de Büren heir and needed to return home. His return to Switzerland would usher in a new chapter in de Büren family history.

He was Member of the Bern Grand Council in 1635; Governor of Romainmôiter in 1640; Senator in 1649; Governor of Lausanne in 1650 and Lord of Rolle and Seftigen.

David de Büren, painted in 1625

David de Büren (1614-1659)

Barbara Wyttenbach (1585-1652), Mother of David

In 1633 David would marry Marguerite de Bonstetten, daughter of Charles de Bonstetten, Baron of Vaumarcus and Barbara de Wattenwyl. Marguerite was one of four sisters and as there was no male Bonstetten heir for Vaumarcus, Charles de Bonstetten in 1656 petitioned the Sovereign of Neuchâtel, Henri II d'Orléans, duc de Longueville to allow him to give Vaumarcus to whichever son-in-law he chose. David made the right impression it seems.

Marguerite de Bonstetten (1616-1685), as a young girl

Marguerite de Bonstetten (1616-1685), painted in 1672

Barbara de Wattenwyl (1593-1621), Mother of Marguerite

In 1659, the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I would confer on David and all of his descendants the title of Baron of the Holy Roman Empire and Austrian states. The actual proclamation would not arrive until 1669, ten years after his death. I have reproduced the Imperial seal that came with the proclamation below.

In 1633 he married Marguerite de Bonstetten (1616-1685), daughter of Charles de Bonstetten, Baron of Vaumarcus and Barbara de Wattenwyl.

From his wife he had 10 children:

1. Barbara (1634-1698) ∞ Nicolas Daxelhofer
2. Catherine (1635-1636)
3. Jean-Charles (1636-1707) ∞ 1. Dorothée de Wattenwyl 2. Dorothée Tillier
4. François-Louis (1638-1657)
5. Jeanne (1639-1703) ∞ Joseph de Gingins
6. David (1640-1705)
7. Victor (1641-1708)
8. Salomé (1643-1680) ∞ François Louis Manuel
9. Albert (1644-1685) ∞ Benigne de Loys
10. Marguerite (1646-1723) ∞ Samuel de Tscharner

Nicolas Daxelhofer (1634-1707) husband of David's first daughter Barbara.

Interesting Tidbit:

David's mother passed away in 1652 while he was Governor of Lausanne. She was laid to rest within the ambulatory of the great Cathedral of Lausanne. She lies there to this day, I believe, with three of David siblings.

Ambulatory of the Cathedral of Lausanne

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