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Salomé de Büren 1706-1786

Salomé was the daughter Philippe Albert de Büren (1679-1756) and Elisabeth de Diesbach (1681-1724). She was a very beautiful woman but she could be "selfish and capricious". Whether she was simply a strong opinionated woman for her time or the characterization of Salomé is accurate is impossible to know for sure.

Salomé de Büren (1706-1786), painted by Robert Gardelle

Elisabeth de Diesbach (1681-1724), Mother of Salomé

Théodore du Gard (1703-1776)

In 1726 she would marry Théodore du Gard, Lord of Echichens and son of Gabriel du Gard and Sara de Saussure. The marriage would not be a happy one and they decided to separate. Salomé felt she could not live on the meager sum she was given, so she took her husband to court in 1757. They would have four children, only one son would live to adulthood. Marc-Théodore du Gard (1727-1777) like his father would be Lord of Echichens but would die in 1777 without an heir and so the du Gard family ended with him.

Marc-Théodore du Gard (1727-1777)

Interesting Historical Tidbit:

Salomé's father, Philippe Albert de Büren (1679-1756), Governor of Morges, owned the beautiful house of Herrengasse 23 in Bern. This same house would later be the intelligence headquarters for Allen W. Dulles during the Second World War.

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