Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Man with the Green Arm

Of the many themes that endure from generation to generation in the de Büren family, love of the natural world is an important one. While my family were large land owners for many generations, the scholarly study of the natural world started in earnest with Baron Albert de Büren. He studied botany at Thaer's school of agriculture near Berlin in the early 19th century. His son Henri, would follow in his footsteps and also study botany at the same school in Prussia. This love and knowledge of the natural world would be passed down from father to son, and so it is no surprise that my father is so talented when it comes to horticulture. The label of "Green Thumb" does not do him justice.

As a boy I was less enthused about his zeal for flowers and trees as my job was seemly only to haul clippings to the curb. Over time however, I to have developed my own love for nature, and I appreciate how hard he has worked to turn the barren rocky soil around our family home into a lush eden. As spring is my favorite time of year, and when I believe the garden is at its most stunning, I wanted to share some images with you here. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mother's Day Acknowledgement

I enjoy finding patterns in history. Links across time have always been fascinating to me. In many ways we all are representations of generational threads, your mother's eyes, your grandmother's laugh or your great-grandmother's determination.

Over the past couple of years I have pondered actively what I care about and what moves me. In honor of Mother's Day I would thank seven generations of de Büren women whose traits have become mine and have helped me become the man I am today.

Mom – Sharon de Buren (Carter)

Thank you for giving me your drive.

My grandmother – Emelie de Buren (Lasserre)

Thank you for giving me your love of music.

My great-grandmother – Louisa de Büren (Fabrini)

Thank you for giving me your love of cooking.

My 2 x great-grandmother – Natalie de Büren (de Freudenreich)

Thank you for giving me your compassion.

My 3 x great-grandmother – Catherine de Büren (de Senarclens)

Thank you for giving me your tenacity.

My 4 x great-grandmother – Charlotte de Büren

Thank you for giving me your commitment to family.

My 5 x great-grandmother – Cornélie de Büren (van Assendelft)

Thank you for giving me your love of art.

Happy Mother's Day.


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