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The following photos are of a number of arms that bear the de Büren family crest. A pair of dueling pistols as well a two different blunderbusses. The dueling pistols were made by Johann Jacob Kuchenreuter (1709-1783), the blunderbusses however carry no perceptible markings. The blunderbusses were surely used at one point, the dueling pistols I cannot say.

Kuchenreuter dueling pistols

Kuchenreuter Pistol detail

Blunderbuss detail with de Büren family crest

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Albert Rodolphe de Büren 1784-1856

Albert Rodolphe was the third son of Louis de Büren (1735-1806) and Marguerite Catherine de Sinner (1754-1842). He grew up in Bern and attended the finest schools. In 1804 he became an Officer in Bern's elite troops. By 1806 he was head of the mounted cavalry division, and in 1808 Captain of the 2nd Swiss Regiment in France. Later in his military career he would serve as the Director of Swiss Military School in Thun.

After the revolution of 1831, Albert Rodolphe, and outspoken enemy of the new liberal regime, would retire from public life. He would dedicate the remainder of his days investigating de Büren family history and genealogy, and for this I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Albert Rodolphe de Büren (1784-1856) Portrait

Albert Rodolphe de Büren (1784-1856) Etching

In 1821 Albert Rodolphe would marry Marguerite Catherine Thormann (1790-1852) daughter of François Thormann, Governor of Aarberg and Charlotte de Steiger.

His wife would give him one child:

1. Otto (1822-1888) ∞ Henriette de Sinner

Louis Amedé de Büren 1802-1879

Louis was the first son of Arnold Louis de Büren (1775-1854) and Marie de Herrenschwand (1778-1822). He was the grandson of the prominent Louis de Büren. He would grow up in Bern and unlike his father and brother, Louis was very industrious and passionate about all he undertook. In 1822 in entered in the Swiss Guards in the service of Holland as many in the family had done before him. He become First Lieutenant in 1827. The regiment he was in was disbanded in 1829. Having been deeply effected by the social change at work around him, he could no longer stay in Europe and decided to emigrate to the United States. He would leave Switzerland in June of 1829 and arrive in Madison, Indiana later that year. He bought a considerable tract of land and settled down to farm.

Madison, Indiana, circa 1856

Not soon after his arrival in Madison he would marry in 1830 a fellow Swiss emigrant, Anna Bühler from La Neuveville on the Lake of Biel. Anna would give Louis seven children, but would die tragically in the delivery of twins in 1842. Louis would sell the farm in 1848 and would move onto Decatur, Tennessee. In an interesting twist of fate, whether of his own accord or the mistake of a local official, his family name and that of his descendants would become van Buren.


In 1830 Louis would marry Susanna Bühler (1807-1842) daughter of Christian Bühler from Schwanden - Sigriswil in the canton of Bern (1782-1855) and Anna Sahli.

From his wife he had seven children:

1. Lewis van Buren (1831-1886) ∞ Amy Green in 1853.
2. Anna Marie van Buren (1832-?)
3. Margaret van Buren (1834-?) ∞ John Litterer.
4. Augustus (Gus) van Buren (1837-1906) ∞ Mary Ann Ryker.
5. John Adolph van Buren (1839-1921) ∞ Araminta Ryker.
6. Emily van Buren (1841-?) ∞ Frank Litterer.
7. David van Buren (1842-?) ∞ Mary Ledgerwood in 1880.

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Eugène de Büren 1845-1923

First son of Albert Eugène de Büren (1817-1896) and Catherine Elisabeth d'Effinger (1823-1904). He was a banker, deeply religious man, and great friend of science. He started his banking career in Lausanne at Bugnion & Cie. He would later take over the bank that his father founded and would be renamed E. Büren & Cie in 1884. He was a member of the bourgeois council Bern from 1886 until 1921, gave financial advice to the de Büren family as well as the great patrician families of Bern. He was the treasurer of the Bern Natural History Museum, friend of Zoologist Theophil Studer and a reputed entomologist (study of insects) and lepidopterologist (collection and study of butterflies and moths).

Eugene de Büren (1845-1923)

In 1874 he would marry Catherine Marie de Salis-Soglio (1855-?) daughter of Antoine Adolphe de Salis-Soglio and Anna Marguerite de Bavier. They would not have any children.

Historical Tidbit:

Eugène is mentioned in the Journals of the noted anthropologist Adolph Bandelier, in regard to financial assistance.


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