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Eugène de Büren 1845-1923

First son of Albert Eugène de Büren (1817-1896) and Catherine Elisabeth d'Effinger (1823-1904). He was a banker, deeply religious man, and great friend of science. He started his banking career in Lausanne at Bugnion & Cie. He would later take over the bank that his father founded and would be renamed E. Büren & Cie in 1884. He was a member of the bourgeois council Bern from 1886 until 1921, gave financial advice to the de Büren family as well as the great patrician families of Bern. He was the treasurer of the Bern Natural History Museum, friend of Zoologist Theophil Studer and a reputed entomologist (study of insects) and lepidopterologist (collection and study of butterflies and moths).

Eugene de Büren (1845-1923)

In 1874 he would marry Catherine Marie de Salis-Soglio (1855-?) daughter of Antoine Adolphe de Salis-Soglio and Anna Marguerite de Bavier. They would not have any children.

Historical Tidbit:

Eugène is mentioned in the Journals of the noted anthropologist Adolph Bandelier, in regard to financial assistance.

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