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Louis de Büren 1735-1806

Louis was the third son of Victor Charles de Büren (1707-1773) and Catherine Fischer (1712-1787). In 1751 he entered the Swiss guards in the service of France, he would serve France until 1788. From 1754-1762 he fought in all of the battles of the Seven Years' War with great distinction. He was wounded in the chest at Bergen, where he took out two enemy cannons and retrieved the flag of his regiment. He was also used for diplomatically sensitive missions by the Duc de Broglie, the Prince de Soubise and the Comte de Lorges. For his service he received a Royal Order of merit in 1776 from Louis XVI.

Louis de Büren (1735-1806)

In 1780 he became a Major and was stationed in various French towns. He spent a time Corsica as well as in Marseille. While in Marseille, a great fire broke out and Louis led the soldiers under his command to help rescue those at risk, at great personal peril.

Gifts from the City of Marseille for Louis' bravery.

In 1788 he returned to Switzerland. He would later become Governor of Lausanne in 1793 and would serve Bern at Lausanne until 1798, when he was asked to leave by the revolutionary government in Vaud.

Louis and his family painted in 1796, most likely at Lausanne.

"Dédié à Monsieur de Büren, Comandant General des Trouppes. Chevalier de l'Ordre du mérite militaire et du Conseil Souverain." Illustration by Konig, 1792.

Illustration Detail. Louis can be seen at left, next to the cannon.

Louis' Secretary built by Christoph Hopfengärtner in 1792. © Schloss Jegenstorf


In 1773 Louis married Marie Catherine de Sinner (1754-1842) daughter of Fréderic de Sinner (1713-1791) and Julie Marianne de Wattenwyl.

From his wife he had five children:

1. Catherine Rosine (1774-1839) ∞ Emanuel Louis d'Ougspurger
2. Arnold Louis (1775-1854) ∞ Marie Herrenschwand
3. Albert Charles (1779-1817) ∞ Marie Julie de Wattenwyl
4. Albert Rodolphe (1784-1856) ∞ Marguerite Catherine Thormann
5. Eduard (1794-1858)

Interesting Tidbits:

The Swiss genealogy site of Ahneninfo has traced many Swiss historical figures back to Charlemagne. Here is the entry for Louis.

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