Friday, September 18, 2009

Anna de Büren 1551-1609

Anna was the only daughter, and along with the her brother Jean, the only surviving children of Louis de Büren, Lord of Seftigen and Governor of Wimmis (1515-1560) and Marguerite Archer (1542-?). Anne's parents died when she was young and she and her brother Jean were taken in by her mother's sister Barbara Archer who was married at the time to Jacques Dellsperger, Governor of Thun.

In 1551, Anne would marry Senator Michael Ougspurger (1544-1611), Governor of Moudon and Lausanne, son of Michael Ougspurger and Elisabeth Uldrisold. Anne would be Michael's second wife and would give him 18 children. In fact in 1851 she had quadruplets (2 boys and 2 girls), something that I am sure was atypical for the time.

Illustration of both Ougspurger and de Büren crests, 1592

Part of a tapestry from 1598 that portrays the story of Adam & Eve. The Ougspurger and de Büren family crests are at center.

The Ougspurger and de Büren family crests detail.


  1. I'm assuming that's a unicorn although it looks like it could be a hippocampus. And are those beehives? Do you have any info on the history of the crest?

  2. For the Ougsburger crest it is most likely a unicorn. Our family crest is three bee hives. The symbolism is lost a bit in the mists of time but in my opinion there could be three possible meanings:

    1. We were at some point bee keepers (I doubt this).

    2. It is a metaphor for an industrious nature.

    3. A more whimsical meaning could be a that the von Büren family which originally comes from the canton of Bern, is symbolized by a Bear. Bears do love honey after all.

  3. nosotros somos de chazon argentina y tambien somos de buren mi tatara abuelo es philippe frederic de buren



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