Friday, September 4, 2009

Philippe Frédéric de Büren 1865-1953

Philippe would be the second son of Henri de Büren (1825-1909) and Natalie de Freudenreich (1835-1900). He was born at the Castle of Vaumarus in 1865. After his father sold the Castle to Louis Pernod in 1888, the family would move to the country home of "La Châtelaine" in Aïre near Geneva. In 1890 whether of his own accord, or under the persuasion of his father, Philippe emigrated to Argentina. He would settle at Santa Victoria, near Chazón in Córdoba. While in Argentina, he would take a wife, Louise Fabrini, an Italian 17 years his junior and start a family. He would also start a cattle ranch and stay in Argentina 21 years until 1911 when he returned to Geneva with his wife and children. One of his sons, Carlos would later go back to Argentina, and take over the ranch.

Document of Philippe's registration with the Swiss legation in Buenos Aires. Signed by Joseph Choffat, October 12th 1891.

Louise & Philippe de Büren with their children Henri, Natalie , Elise, and Philippe, taken at La Carlota, Córdoba, Argentina in 1905.

From Left to Right: Philippe, Jeanne, Elisa, Olga, Louisa, Carlos, Henri & Natalie probably taken around 1911 when the family moved back to Geneva.

Philippe and Louise de Büren taken in 1947 for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Philippe, Louise and the Family of Carlos de Büren also taken in 1947.

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