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Albert Rodolphe de Büren 1784-1856

Albert Rodolphe was the third son of Louis de Büren (1735-1806) and Marguerite Catherine de Sinner (1754-1842). He grew up in Bern and attended the finest schools. In 1804 he became an Officer in Bern's elite troops. By 1806 he was head of the mounted cavalry division, and in 1808 Captain of the 2nd Swiss Regiment in France. Later in his military career he would serve as the Director of Swiss Military School in Thun.

After the revolution of 1831, Albert Rodolphe, and outspoken enemy of the new liberal regime, would retire from public life. He would dedicate the remainder of his days investigating de Büren family history and genealogy, and for this I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Albert Rodolphe de Büren (1784-1856) Portrait

Albert Rodolphe de Büren (1784-1856) Etching

In 1821 Albert Rodolphe would marry Marguerite Catherine Thormann (1790-1852) daughter of François Thormann, Governor of Aarberg and Charlotte de Steiger.

His wife would give him one child:

1. Otto (1822-1888) ∞ Henriette de Sinner

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