Saturday, August 22, 2009

Otto de Büren 1822-1888

Otto was the son of Albert Rodolphe de Büren (1784-1856) and Catherine Thormann (1790-1852). He grew up in Bern and would rise to become the city's mayor, a position he held from 1864-1888. He was a great supporter of philanthropic and religious causes. During the Siege of Strasbourg in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, many in Switzerland were very sympathetic to the plight of the population of Strasbourg that was suffering terribly under intense Prussian bombardment. A Swiss delegation made up of Otto de Büren, his counterpart from Zürich, M. Römer and M. Bischoffet from Basel, made their way to Strasbourg and met with the Duke of Baden and the General von Werden. As a result of their meetings, they were able to secure the safe passage of non-combatants out of the city.

Otto de Büren painted in 1849 by Friedrich Dietler

Otto de Büren (1822-1888), photo taken in 1863

Bürenstock, home of Otto and the de Büren's of Bern until 1989.


In 1849 Otto married Henriette de Sinner, daughter of Charles Louis de Sinner (1799-1881) and Marguerite Sophie de Tscharner. They would not have any children.

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