Thursday, August 20, 2009

de Büren Sisters

Both Jeanne Dorothée (1691-1714) and Jeanne Catherine (1693-1764) de Büren were daughters of David de Büren (1661-1729) and Jeanne Catherine Manuel (1671-1700). I have placed them together in a post because I find their portraits beautiful and I think they resemble each other strikingly even though they were painted at very different times in their lives.

In 1713 Jeanne Dorothée would marry Jean Fischer (1686-1756), Governor of St. Jean.

Jeanne Dorothée de Büren (1691-1714), painted in 1710 by Aufdermaur

In 1713 Jeanne Catherine would marry Philippe Mageran (1681-1758), Prussian Chamberlain and Governor of Lausanne in 1737.

Jeanne Catherine de Büren (1693-1764), painted by Aufdermaur

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