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David de Büren 1661-1729

David was the first son of Jean-Charles de Büren (1636-1719) and Dorothée de Wattenwyl(1644-1674). He was Baron of Vaumarcus, and Lord of Seftigen and of Yvonand. He became a member of the Grand Council of Bern in 1691, and was appointed the Governor of Oron and resided in its beautiful castle from 1705-1711. He was given full control of the lands of Vaumarcus in 1708, he owned five houses in Bern as well as vineyards in Ligerz (Gléresse) and Dettingen.

David de Büren, painted in 1677

David de Büren (1661-1729), painted in 1705 by Aufdermaur

David de Büren, painted in 1717 at the age of 57.

Château d'Oron

The armorial register of the all the Bernese Governors that srved at Oron. Still hanging in the main salon of the Château. (Merci André Locher)

Close-up showing the de Büren family crest.

Jeanne Catherine de Wattenwyl (1676-1719), painted in 1704. David's second wife.

In 1685 he married Jeanne Catherine Manuel (1671-1700), daughter of Jean-Rodolphe Manuel, Major in the service of France and Jeanne de Wattenwyl.
In 1700 he married Jeanne Catherine de Wattenwyl (1676-1719), daughter of Charles de Wattenwyl (1646-1679) and Anna Marie de Mülinen.
In 1724 he married Anna Bucher (1683-1731), daughter of Rodolphe Bucher (1640-1719) and Anna Marie Gatschet.

From his first wife he had 6 children:

1. Jeanne Catherine (1688-1689)
2. Marie Anna (1689-1700)
3. Dorothée (1691-1714) ∞ Jean de Fischer
4. Jeanne Catherine (1693-1764) ∞ Philippe Mageran
5. Jean Charles (1694-1696)
6. Marguerite (1697-1719)

From his second wife he had 6 children:

7. Marie (1701-1781) ∞ David Salomon de Wattenwyl
8. David (1703-1713)
9. Rosine (1705-1715)
10. Victor Charles (1707-1773) ∞ Catherine de Fischer
11. Gabriel (1710-1741) ∞ Marie Salomé de Gingins
12. David François (1714-1743)

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