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Charles Philippe 1759-1795

Charles Philippe was the first son of Charles de Büren (1731-1787) and Cornélie Jacobée van Assendelft (1733-1799). Member of the Grand Council of Bern and Baron of Vaumarcus. Like his father before him he spent time in Holland as part of a Swiss regiment. He was an amateur painter that concentrated on nature scenes and found beauty in everyday life. His love of art was certainly fostered by his mother.

Charles Philippe de Büren (1759-1795), painted in 1791 by Joseph Marcellin Combette

Charlotte Elisabeth de Büren (1765-1837), Charles Philippe's wife painted in 1791 by Joseph Marcellin Combette

Elisabeth de Freudenreich (1747-1832), mother of Charlotte Elisabeth de Büren, painted by Johann Mottet in 1820

Charlotte Catherine de Büren, Charles Philippe's first daughter, painted in 1819 by Johann Mottet

Louise de Büren, Charles Philippe's second daughter, painted by Johann Mottet in 1816.


In 1783 Charles Philippe married Charlotte Elisabeth de Buren (1765-1837) daughter of Philippe de Büren (1727-1808) Governor of Aigle and Elisabeth de Freudenreich (1747-1832). Charlotte would later remarry Claude Dubois of Valangin.

From his wife he had five children:

1. Charlotte (1784-1843)
2. Louise (1786-1869)
3. Henriette (1788-1803)
4. Jean Charles Albert (1791-1873) ∞ Catherine de Senarclens
5. Philippine (1796-1832)

Examples of his artwork


Nature Scene, Oil on canvas, 1783

Nature scene, oil on wood

Copper plate etching, 1791

Copper plate etching, 1783

Interesting Tidbits:

The paintings of Charles Philippe and Charlotte Elisabeth profiled above appear on the wall of the de Büren home of "La Châtelaine" near Geneva in this photo from 1895.

Another interesting fact is the uncle of Charlotte de Büren, Charles' wife was Christophe Frédéric de Freudenreich, who had the greatest personal library in Bern at the time.

Christophe Frédéric de Freudenreich (1748-1821) © Swiss National Museum

Christophe Frédéric de Freudenreich, painted by Johann Mottet in 1812.

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