Thursday, August 13, 2009

Victor de Büren 1641-1708

Victor was the forth son of David de Büren (1614-1659) and Marguerite de Bonstetten (1619-1685). He was a page at 14 of William VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. While with the Landgrave he was 1st cavalier d'honneur for the Princess of Trémoille.

He would later serve in a Swiss regiment in France and returned to Switzerland in 1679. Upon returning home he became a member of the Order of Teutonic Knights and was made magistrate of the Sumiswald which was used primarily as a hospital. He would hold this post until 1689 when Sumiswald came under the jurisdiction of Bern. Victor would become a member of the Bernese government and reside at the castle until 1701. He never married and gave his fortune to his nephew Philippe Albert.

Victor de Büren painted by Joseph Werner in 1685

Victor de Büren (1641-1708)

Victor de Büren (1641-1708)

Château of Sumiswald

A stained glass window dedicated to Victor in the church of Sumiswald 

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