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Philippe Albert de Büren 1678-1756

Philippe Albert was the son of Albert de Büren (1644-1685) and Benigne de Loys (1660-1722). He would start his studies in Geneva in 1695, and would later travel throughout Europe. Not much is know about his early life apart from the fact that he was elected to the Bern Grand Council in 1710. He would later become Governor of Morges (VD) in 1723. He was not wise with money and even though his wives were wealthy it appears that he left his children with almost nothing.

Philippe Albert de Büren (1678-1756)

Philippe Albert's home in Bern, Herrengasse 23, now known as the Wattenwyl Haus.

Elisabeth de Diesbach (1681-1724), his first wife.

Marie de Chandieu (1704-1735), his second wife.

In 1702 Philippe Albert would marry Elisabeth de Diesbach, daughter of Nicolas de Diesbach, General and Avoyer of Thoune and Salomé de Wattenwyl.

In 1725 Philippe Albert would marry Marie de Chandieu, daughter of Charles de Chandieu, Lord of L'Isle, Villars and La Coudre, and Lieutenant General in the Service of France, and Catherine Marie de Gaudicher, Countess of Aversé.

Marie's Father, Charles de Villars-Chandieu (1659-1728)

From his first wife he would have eight children:

1. Victor (1703-1753) ∞ Anne Marie Tillier
2. Salomé (1706-1786) ∞ Théodore du Gard
3. Nicolas (1708-1727)
4. Elisabeth (1710-1789)
5. Albert (1713-1717)
6. Frédéric (1716-1770) ∞ Marguerite de Diesbach
7. Albert (1719-1798) ∞ Marie Zehender
8. Maria (1724-1786)

From his second wife he had two children:

1. Charlotte Catherine (1726-1800) ∞ François Louis de Graffenried
2. Philippe (1727-1805) ∞ Elisabeth de Freudenreich

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