Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Louis de Büren 1453-1526

Louis was the second son of Pierre de Büren (1425-1458) and Christine de Seftigen (1416-?). He was a figure of incomparable energy and drive.

As a young man he fought at the battles of Morat in 1476 and Nancy in 1477 against the Burgundian army of Charles the Bold. In both battles he distinguished himself by his valor and bravery. He is mentioned in Diebold Schilling's Grosse Burgunderchronik, which covers the history of Bern and Burgundian Wars. An allegorical stained glass window chronicling his feats hangs in the Church of Wimmis to this day.

He was later Magistrate of Wimmis, Burgdorf and Thun as well a Bernese Senator. He was a devoted friend of France, and in 1500 left his official duties to fight for French King Louis XII in his war against Milan and Naples. For this act he was officially rebuked, stripped of his duties and fined. He would later return to favor in the eyes of Bern.

Louis would not have any children and would give his fortune to his nephews, whom he adopted. He would die in 1526 and be buried in the Cathedral of Bern, where he rests still.

Battle of Morat (Murten), 1476

Battle of Nancy, 1477

de Büren crest on Louis' tomb in the Cathedral of Bern.

de Büren crest is at center in the floor at the altar.

In his first marriage, he would marry Marie Segesser de Brauneck, from a noble Aarau family.

In his second marriage he would marry Adèle Fries, daughter of Henri Fries of Fribourg and Nicola Techtermann.

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