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Charles Jules de Büren 1808-1879

Charles Jules was the son of Louis Jacques de Büren (1771-1838) and Marie Henriette de Tavel (1777-1864). He started his military career in the service of Holland like his father and grandfather before him. When his regiment was disbanded in 1829 he went on to serve the King of Naples. He would serve in Naples until 1836 when he would return to Switzerland to marry.

In 1837, his father would turn over the Château of Denens and it lands to him. It would take a good deal of money and time to bring the Château back into working order after the years of neglect by his father. His father had the bad habit of losing at cards, which he seemed to do often. It is said that Charles Jules was so ashamed of his father, that he told people that his father was in fact Louis de Büren, last Bernese governor of Lausanne.

Charles Jules unlike his father was a great administrator of his household, got the most out of his land and was very skilled with his hands. He was held in high esteem by those who knew him.

Charles Jules de Büren (1808-1879)


Illustration done by Charles while in the service of Naples (1830-1836)

Illustration done by Charles while in the service of Naples (1830-1836)

In 1836 Chales would marry Julie Marguerite de Mülinen (1814-1851), daughter of Count Godefry de Mülinen and Julie Marguerite de Graffenried. She would tragically die of smallpox.

In 1853 Charles would marry Louise de Perregaux (1826-1910), duaghter of Armand Frédéric de Perregaux and Adolphine Julie de Pury.

From his second wife he would have six children:

1. Marguerite (1854-?) ∞ Aimé Auguste Monod
2. Hélène Jeanne (1855-1922) ∞ Henri de Mandrot
3. Guillaume (1857-1899) ∞ 1. Florence Hugonnet 2. Emma Thibaudin
4. Blanche Adèle (1859-1917)
5. Louis Alfred (1864-1944) ∞ 1. Henriette de Luze 2. Alice Marie de Luze
6. Hilda Louise (1867-?) ∞ Jean Guillaume de Chambrier

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