Sunday, November 8, 2009

Butcher's Guild

The de Büren family have been members of the Metzgern Zunft (Butcher's Guild) for almost 700 years. The first member of the family to establish himself in Bern, Rudolf von Büren joined the Butcher's guild in 1326. For generations afterwords, his descendants joined the guild of their choosing. However, from Ludwig von Büren (1515-1560) on the family have been exclusive members of the Butcher's guild.

While recently in Bern I was lucky enough to visit the medieval guild of the de Büren family. I was greeted with great warmth by Martin Sauerer, who gave me a tour of the club and invited me for coffee at Harmonie, one of the oldest restaurants in Bern. I hope to revive the tradition of active participation in the guild that was central to my family's life in Bern for countless generations.

Guild Arms
Arms used in the 1940s

Coat of Arms of Butcher's Guild Members. The de Büren crest can be seen at left.

Recently in some family papers I also found a number of letters from the Butcher's Guild to a female family member who had taken ill in 1940. The Butcher's Guild gave her a financial dispensation for a number of months to help her with her rent while she got back on her feet.

One of the letters from E. Brügger of the guild.

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  1. What do you plan to do to participate? What are the Guild's activities today? Welcome back to America, btw!



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