Saturday, November 14, 2009

Albert Gustave de Büren 1862-1938

Albert was the first son of Henri de Büren (1825-1909) and Elisbeth de Freudenreich (1835-1900). Like his sisters Jeanne and Henriette he was deaf from birth. Not much is known about Albert except for the fact that he would marry Odette Thonney (1888-1947) in 1907 and lived at a country home in Yvonand (VD) across the lake from Vaumarcus.

Albert Gustave de Büren (1862-1938)

The one item that I was able to find is a true gem. Albert wrote a journal as a boy between 8-11 years old while living at Vaumarcus. It is written with a wonderful innocence and is very detailed about his childhood; who visited the castle, what crops were being harvested, what activities he did with his siblings, and it reveals his deep faith. It is an incredible window into the world of the Château of Vaumarcus during the early 1870s.

Albert Gustave's boyhood journal.

Interesting Tidbit:

Albert Gustave is mentioned along with his sisters Jeanne and Henriette having attended the International Congress of the Deaf and Mute at the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris. Interestingly, the Congress materials spoke a great deal about the U.S. and the great achievements of Gallaudet.


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