Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Le Château de Vaumarcus

During my recent trip to Switzerland I went back to Vaumarcus, as it is the birthplace of many of my ancestors it is a must see. I have been there many times, but I really started to feel a direct link to the past at Vaumarcus after it was purchased in the 1980s by M. Claude Thalmann. I worked at the Château one summer not long after he purchased it doing odd jobs and helping the conservator.

At first blush it is easy to lament that such a beautiful place is no longer in family hands, or to blame Henri de Büren for selling it in 1888. That would be too easy. After doing a great deal of research on Henri de Büren for my Grand Tour project, I have come to understand that family stories are always much more nuanced that we realize. I am very statisfied to have such a good relationship with the Thalmann family and feel closer to Vaumarcus in ways that my ancestors perhaps never did.

Vaumarcus – End of the 17th Century

Vaumarcus – 17th Century

Vaumarcus – Beginning of the 17th Century

Side View of the Oldest Part of the Castle.

Front view of the Château

Front view of the Château

Coat of Arms of previous owners of the Château (de Vaumarcus, de Neuchâtel, de Bonstetten, de Büren and Pernod)

"Charles the Bold" Room

Hall of Justice

Banquet Room

The palais built by Charles de Büren for his Dutch wife.

The garden by the palais.

The beautiful cedar tree most likely planted by botanist Albert de Büren


  1. LOL man. IF. That would be the word running through mind constantly. IF. I don't think I could so easily spend such time there knowing what my family "might" have had today. IF.

  2. I hear you. I felt that way for a while, but it's not that constructive. Living in the past takes away from the present.

  3. No, not constructive at all lol but still... would been nice...



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