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Jean de Büren 1567-1622

Jean was the first son of Jean de Büren (1544-1594) and Barbara Koch (1550-1577). He was said to have been a gifted magistrate and was a very religious and pious man. He became a member of the Grand Council of Bern in 1591, would later become a Senator and was appointed as Governor of the Abbey of Königsfelden in 1608.

For many generations the de Büren almost died out, and that was almost the case with Jean. He would not live long enough to see his last son David start a new era in the family, one of greater prominence, wealth and vigor.

Personal Stained Glass

Barbara de Wyttenbach, Jean's third wife

Véronique de Büren (b. 1590), first daughter of Jean

In 1588 he married Ursule de Wurstemberger (1572-1596), daughter of Sulpice de Wurstemberger, Magistrate of Morges and Christine de Fellenberg.

In 1697 he married Susanne Wyss (1580-1604), daughter of Samuel Wyss and Catherine Huber.

In 1605 he married Barbara de Wyttenbach (1585-1652), daughter of Nicolas de Wyttenbach and Salomé Thormann.

From his first wife he had 4 children:

1. Véronique (1590) ∞ 1. Samuel Archer 2. Jacques de Tscharner
2. Ursula (1592-1593)
3. Barbara (1594-1595)
4. Crishona (1595-1596)

From his second wife he had 4 children:

5. Susanne (1598-1616) ∞ Jacques Kohler
6. Catherine (1600) ∞ Pierre Tschiffeli
7. Barbara (1601-1670) ∞ 1. Jacques Koch 2. Nicolas Daxelhofer
8. Jean (1604-1606)

From his third wife he had 4 children:

9. Salomé (1606-1622)
10. Marguerite (1608-1641) ∞ Martin Fels
11. Jean (1610-1631)
12. David (1614-1659) ∞ Marguerite de Bonstetten

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