Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family Swords

These three swords, part of a larger family set have always caught my eye and wanted to profile them here.

The first is an English pattern light calvary sword sword made from 1796-1821. To quote an article from Classic Arms & Militaria.

"The 1796 pattern light cavalry sword is perhaps the best known of all British swords, an extremely elegant yet formidable weapon whose service life from 1796 until 1821 spanned all of the Napoleonic wars and, in particular, the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns where the British cavalry was employed to its greatest effect."

Hilt detail

Rotton (sp.) & Son Cutlers, 25 Sackville Street, Piccadilly

The second sword was made by J. Guillaume Eickhorn in Solingen, Germany and is a cavalry sword with the words "Sans Peur et Sans Reproche" on the blade.

Hilt detail

Blade detail

The third sword is a much older two-handed broadsword. I assume it is Swiss, but I am unsure of its provenance or date.

Hilt detail

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