Friday, October 1, 2010

Genealogy Parchment Roll

There are many family artifacts that I am drawn to, but one has always fascinated me. A genealogy tree or in this case a parchment roll that was created in the 17th century to chronicle the de Büren family history up to that point. The creator started to write widthwise as you would with an illustrated family tree, but thought better of it, given the length of the narrative and after the first generation began writing lengthwise.

It appears to be done by a family member and was possibly done by Jean-Charles de Büren (1636-1719). I imagine my ancestor with a quill and ink reservoir at a large table diligently writing out the early history of the de Büren family. I am sure it never crossed his mind that one of his descendants would be looking at his work 350 years on.

de Büren family genealogy parchment roll first entry – Arnold de Büren, 1166

14th century section

Parchment roll ends with the children of David de Büren and Marguerite de Bonstetten



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