Saturday, October 16, 2010

La Maison Jaune

Günther de Büren was the only son of Edouard de Büren (1853-1940) and Dorothée de Diesbach (1860-1940). His father was a lawyer and property manager in Bern. He was born in Bern in 1889 and would marry Maria Schild of Germany in 1927. Günther was a well known Biologist in Bern and French-speaking Switzerland. He was the Secretary of the Natural Sciences Society in Bern, Archivist of the Swiss Society of Natural Sciences and the Editor of the Swiss Botanical Society's publications. He made especially important contributions in the study of mushrooms with his publication Protomycetaceae of Switzerland: life history and biology.

He and his wife lived in a beautiful house called La Maison Jaune (The Yellow House) in the small town in Cully (VD) on the lake of Geneva. Günther and Maria did not have any children and when he died in 1953 he left the building to the town of Cully. The town did not take possession of the building until the death of Maria in 1966.

The house dates from 1641 and today is the home of the winemaker of the city (vigneron de la commune) with cellars in the basement, work shops on the main floor, living quarters on the second floor, city administration boardrooms on the third floor and the attic space displays local artists.

La Maison Jaune

La Maison Jaune

View of Cully (VD), Switzerland

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