Tuesday, October 19, 2010


While conducting some research I came accross the site of talented French Artist Stéphanie Miguet who specializes in découpages or paper cutting. I found her site because she was featured in a small art show at the Château of Denens, where my cousin Pierre de Büren makes wine.

During her time at Denens, Pierre showed her some découpages that two de Büren girls produced some 200 years ago. The artwork was most likely produced by Louise de Büren (1797-1841) and her sister, Cécile Amalie de Büren (1802-1890), both daughters of Louis Jacques de Büren (1771-1838) and Marie Henriette de Tavel (177-1864). I have featured Stephanie's photos of the 1810s découpages below. Enjoy.

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