Saturday, November 26, 2011

Helvetiq Swiss-American Edition Launch

In February of this year my business partner Michael Gaedeke of the Swiss Center Los Angeles had an idea about contacting the inventor of the popular Swiss trivia game Helvetiq, Hadi Barkat and proposing a Swiss-American version. I thought it was a grand idea. Thankfully Hadi did as well.

Little did I know how much work would be involved. In hindsight, I am glad I was blissfully unaware of the late nights of research, and question re-writing.

The Helvetiq Swiss-American Edition launched last week, and am proud of the result. The game demonstrates in a unique way the tremendous impact the Swiss have made on their adopted homeland, and one that I hope Swiss-Americans will embrace.

The trivia cards consist of more than 260 questions, illustrations and photos. Questions cover a wide range of topics including entertainment, history, politics, art, science and food. There is something for everyone in the Helvetiq Swiss-American Edition.

The object of the game is to follow the annual summer ascent route of Swiss cows and to arrive at the top first. You climb the mountain with every correct answer about the Swiss in America. An advanced degree in Swiss-American studies is not needed to play; it’s about fun after all.

The game can be purchased on

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