Monday, January 2, 2012

Swiss Miniature

I came across the following image today and was thoroughly puzzled.

It is the de Büren ancestral family Castle of Vaumarcus, but in miniature. I did not know if this was for an event at the castle or for a cantonal celebration, but after some research found out that it is one of many models of Swissminiatur, a theme park of Swiss scale landmarks.

Swissminiatur is located in Melide, Ticino near Lugano. It was founded in 1959 by Valais grocery store owner Pierre Vuigner. Mountains, lakes, trains, and precision, so very Swiss. Photos below give some idea of scale of this "Little Switzerland". 


  1. If you like this you might also appreciate this link I came across on my travels which shows real pictures of Switzerland looking like miniature, using tilt shift photography


    1. Thanks. As it happens I know about the book Swiss Miniatur because I designed it : )



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