Wednesday, August 25, 2010

du Gard Genealogy and the Marriage Contract

In 1751, the history of the du Gard family of Echichens, Vaud was inscribed in a beautiful leather-bound edition for the then Lord of Echichens, Théodore du Gard (1703-1776). It contained the history of the du Gard from its origins in France to its establishment in Switzerland. The last pages concern the marriage contract of Théodore du Gard and Salomé de Büren as well as the birth and death dates of their children. Tragically only one of their children would live to adulthood, and he would not have any progeny, so the The du Gard family would die out with him. The images below show some pages from the beautifully inscribed du Gard genealogy.

Inside cover with gilded floral pattern and du Gard family crest.

The genealogy of the house of du Gard, originally from picardy.

Robert du Gard originally of Fresneville, Picardy, who emigrated to Switzerland in 1569.

Marriage contract between Théodore du Gard and Salomé de Büren.

Lovely illustrations within the typography add to the beauty of the piece.


  1. Do you know if anything is mentioned in the book with regards to the children of Jean du Gard (youngest son of Robert du Gard)? Or could you tell me where I can find a copy of this book?

  2. There are versions of the du Gard genealogy online, but there are no copies of this particular book, it is a one-of-a-kind.

  3. Thank you very much for your quick reply. The online genealogy does not give any information about the children of Jean du Gard. To my knowledge he at least had two daughters, Marie and Jeanne du Gard. Marie married François Rolaz (de Saint Vincent), lord of Saint-Vincent, in 1641. Jeanne married Jean François Rolaz, lord of Vesancy (younger brother of François), in 1651. Do you know if there is anything mentioned about the descendents of Jean du Gard in the particular book (I presume you own the copy)?



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